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Gynaecological Surgery (Uterus, Ovary, Cervical Surgery)


Gynecological cancers- Our specialty

The Most important types of Gynecological cancers are- Cervix, Uterine (Endometrial cancers), Ovarian, Vulval and Vaginal cancers. We specialize in treatment of Gynecological malignancies. We are routinely doing Laparoscopic Werthimes/ Radical Hysterectomy, Inguinal, Pelvic and paraaortic Lymph node dissection. We also do complicated laparoscopic surgeries such as Laparoscopic exentrations and Post Chemotherapy radiotherapy cases. We do cytoreductive surgeries for carcinoma ovary and HIPEC ( Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy for selected cases of Carcinoma Ovary). Radical surgeries for vulval and vaginal cancers is being done.

Cervical Cancers

These cancers occur in cervix which is the lower portion of the uterus . The cancer is predominantly caused by HPV virus which is usually transmitted sexually.  The cancer can be detected early by screening with PAP smear which can be done yearly after 30-35 years of age. Also vaccine for HPV is available now in India and is recommended for young girls upto 26 years of age.There are no obvious symptoms during the early stages of cervical cancer.However, vaginal bleeding can often be a tell-tale sign – especially if it occurs after sex, in between periods or after the menopause.

The type of treatment depends on the stage and severity of each case, but there are several ways to treat cervical cancer. Radical surgery i.e removal of the uterus along with Surrounding tissues and pelvis Lymph nodes is usually done for early stages only. Alternatively, radiotherapy is also a common option for those with early stages of the disease. Meanwhile, those with more serious cases may need both surgery and radiotherapy, plus additional chemotherapy.

Ovarian Cancer

This is one of the notorious silent killers. It does not have any specific early symptoms and patients usually present late. usually effects woman in the age group of 40-50 years. Early satiety, Fullness, weight loss, nausea, lower abdominal pain, irregular cycles can be symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Treatment is usually surgical followed by chemotherapy or in some cases chemotherapy followed by surgery. Recurrences are common especially in stage III and IV.

Uterine Cancer

One of the common cancers in the postmenopausal age group. usually arises from the endometrial lining. The Usual type is adenocarcinoma. The cancer usually spreads to regional Lymph node in the pelvis and para-aortic Lymph nodes. The treatment is usually surgical and may also involve chemotherapy and/or radiation.